Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Systamatic List

Systematic List:

1. Emu - A pair at Mareeba Wetlands
2. Southern Cassowary - Cassie, Charlie and Colin at Licuala Lodge, Mission Beach delighted daily.
3. Orange-footed Scrub-fowl - Seen at both Mission Beach and Daintree
4. Brown Quail - Along access road to Rose Gums in Tablelands
5. Australian Pelican - seen in Brisbane and Cairns
6. Brown Booby - 1 seen from jetty Mission Beach
7. Little Pied Cormorant - noted at Samford and Mareeba
8. Little Black Cormorant - As above
9. Great-crested Grebe - 60 Lake Samsonvale near Samford
10. Australasian Grebe - Samford golf course
11. Black Swan - Noted at Lake Samsonvale and Mareeba
12. Wandering Whistling-Duck - c25 at Mareeba Wetlands
13. Plumed Whistling-Duck - 200 at Hasties Swamp, Tablelands with a single at Mareeba
14. Pacific Black Duck - Seen at Samford golf course and Lake Samsonvale
15. Grey Teal - c15 Lake Samsonvale
16. Hardhead - Again seen at Lake Samsonvale and Samford golf course
17. Australian Wood Duck - Seen around the suburbs in Samford
18. Cotton Pygmy Goose - 5 seen at Mareeba Wetlands.
19 Green Pygmy Goose - 10 also at Mareeba.
20. Buff-banded Rail- Pairs seen at Hasties Swamp and on the road to Mareeba.
21.Dusky Moorhen - noted at Samford.
22. Purple Swamphen - Seen at Samford Golfcourse.
23. Great-billed Heron - One seen at dusk flying down Daintree River.
24. White-faced Heron - Seen on the beach at Mission Beach and a Mareeba.
25. Cattle Egret - Hundreds in Daintree going to roost at dusk.
26. Great Egret - Seen off Cairns Esplanade and the Daintree River.
27. Intermediate Egret - 2 also of the Esplanade.
28. Eastern Reef Egret. - A dark morph in with the above.
29. Glossy Ibis - 10 noted at Lake Samsonville.
30. Australian White Ibis- Our first aussie bird and fairly widespread
31. Straw-necked Ibis- Seen daily around Samford suburbs, even feeding on the lawn.
32. Royal Spoonbill - 6 at Lake Samsonville and a single off Cairns.
33. Yellow-billed Spoonbill- Single flew over B&B at Samford.
34. Black-necked Stork - Seen in the Daintree and at Mareeba-don't call them Jaribu-they're South American!
35. Sarus Crane - 14 seen at Bromfield Swamp though no Brolga
36. Whimbrel - 20 Cairn's Esplanade
37. Grey-tailed Tattler- Half a dozen also seen at the above.
38. Great Knot - 10, Ditto
39. Comb-crested Jacana - Seen lily trotting at Mareeba
40. Bush Stone-Curlew - Seen at Samford, Daintree and heard in Cairns

41. Beach Stone-Curlew- One of the avian highlights, a pair were watched on Wonga Beach, Daintree
42. Pied Oystercatchter - 2 Cairns Seafront
43. Masked Lapwing - All over! both miles (Daintree) and novaehollandiae (Brisbane) races seen.
44. Black-fronted Dotterel - Seen at Lake Samsonville and on the Daintree River
45. Red-capped Plover- Noted at Lake Samsonville
46. Black-winged Stilt - Also seen on Lake Samsonville and Cairns Esplanade.
47. Silver Gull - Single Lake Samsonville and c40 in Cairns
48. Caspian Tern - 10 off Cairns.
49. Gull-billed Tern - Also seen in Cairns, this endemic race is apparently a potential 'split'.
50. Crested Tern - Seen off Mission Beach enroute to Great Barrier Reef.
51. Pacific Baza - A confiding bird seen very near Licuala Lodge, Mission Beach with a pair noted later
52. Australian Black-shouldered Kite - Great views at Lake Samsonville, also seen from the car heading to Daintree and at Granite Gorge
53. Osprey - Seen at Cairns front.
54. Black Kite - Birds of the race affinis were seen in suitable habitat, often from the road.
55. Whistling Kite - First noted at Lake Samsonville, further birds seen from the road as in the species above especially around Bribane.
56. Brahmniy Kite - Seen along coastal rain forest at Mission Beach on a number of occations.
57. White-bellied Sea Eagle - Seen over Lake Samsonville and at Mission Beach.
58. Wedge-tailed Eagle- Singles or pairs noted at Lake Samsonville, Samford Valley and along the highway enroute to Undara.
59. Collared Sparrowhawk - One seen at Lake Samsonville
60. Grey Goshawk - A bird flew over the road as we climbed through Samford Valley toward Mount Glorious.
61. Spotted Harrier - One showed well at Lake Samsonville on May 21st.

62. Swamp Harrier - Up to 4 at the same location as above.
63. Peregrine Falcon - One seen from the Kuranda Railway, Cairns.
64. Australian Hobby - Singles seen over surburban Cairns.
65. Brown Falcon - First noted at Lake Samsonville near Brisbane.
66.Nankeen Kestral - Seen along the main Cook Highway between Cape Tribulation and Mission Beach.
67. Wompoo Fruit-Dove - Seen at Licuala Lodge Mission Beach, Red Mill House Daintree and Rose Gums on the Tablelands.

68. White-headed Pigeon - Seen at Rose Gums in front of cabin.
69.Spotted Turtle Dove - Seen around Samfords gardens and meadows.
70. Brown Cuckoo Dove- Singles noted at Lamington NP and at Licuala Lodge.
71. Peaceful Dove - Seen in urban Cairn's.
72. Bar-shouldered Dove - A regular garden visitor to The Valley B&B in Samford.
73. Emerald Dove - A rainforest species seen at Licuala Lodge and Red mill House.
74. Crested Pigeon - Another regular around Samford surburbia.
75. Wonga Pigeon - One seen at the Maliala Tea Rooms Mount Glorious.
76. Red-tailed Black Cockatoo- Seen at Undara, along the entrance road to Mareeba and from the departing plane at Darwin, NT.
77.Glossy Black Cockatoo - A pair flew over The Valley B&B just after dawn May 18th
78.Galah - Seen around, over and in the gardens of Samford.
79. Long-billed Corella - The 'bird table' bird at The Valley, demolishing it daily!
80. Sulphar-crested Cockatoo - These noisy parrots generally seen in suburban areas in Brisbane, Cairns and Daintree.
81. Rainbow Lorikeet- Another noisy blighter, seen all over the place.
82. Scaly-breasted Lorikeet- Only seen once at Lone Pine Koala Sanctury.
83. Double-eyed Fig-Parrot- Singles seen at Mission Beach and Daintree.
84. Australian King-Parrot - Birds can be hand fed at Lamington NP. Also seen at RoseGums on feeder troughs.
85. Red-winged Parrot- Seen around Undara and at the main gate at Mareeba Wetlands.
86. Crimson Rosella - Partner in crime with King-Parrots at Lamington NP.
87. Eastern Rosella - Seen in Samford and at Mareeba.
88. Brush Cuckoo- One seen well at Abbatoir Swamp near Mount Molloy
89. Horsefields Bronze Cuckoo- One at Granite Gorge on Tablelands. Another bronze-cuckoo, at Mission Beach remains unidentified.
90.Pheasant Coucal - These big tailed birds were noted enroute to Lamington NP, and down the road from Licuala Lodge.
91. Southern Boobook- One seen on the road late evening returning to Rose Gums after eating out. Our only owl sighting.
92. Papuan Frogmouth - Another avian highlight, one was seen superbly along the Daintree River on Dan Irby's night trip.
93. White-rumped Swiftlet - Noted over Mission Beach and Daintree.
94. Azure Kingfisher - Several seen along the Daintree River both during the day and at night!
95. Little Kingfisher - One of these tiny kingfishers seen along Daintree River form Chris Dahlberg,s River trip.
96. Laughing Kookaburra - The ultimate aussie bird did not disappoint, big, brash and loud! Seen at all sites.
97. Blue-winged Kookaburra - Had to wait to nearly the end of the trip before catching up with this species at Mareeba. Missed one at Daintree several times.
98. Rainbow Bee-eater- Sightings throughout in Samford, Mission Beach and Daintree.
99. Forest Kingfisher - Plentiful around Mission Beach and Daintree Village.
100. Sacred Kingfisher - Also seen around Mission Beach in much the same habitat as above.
101. White-throated Treecreeper - One seen Mount Glorious, Samford and Rose Gums, Tablelands.
102. Red-backed Fairy-wren - A family group seen on access road to Mareeba. Several long tailed feather-balls flew across roads whilst driving throughout and remain unidentified.
103. Spotted Pardalote - Seen from O'reilley's Road on House Mountain early morning.
104. Striated Pardalote - the race melanocephalus was noted at the location above and from the trails at Mareeba Wetlands.
105. Large-billed Scrubwren - Seen from the Licuala Walking Track, South Mission Beach.
106. White-browed Scrubwren - Noted at O'Reilley's, Lamington NP.
107 Yellow-throated Scrubwren - Also seen at the above site.
108 Fairy Gerygone - Seen at Licuala Lodge and the walking track. I eventually found out that Gerygone is pronounced "Jer- ridg -o-nee"!
109 Brown Gerygone- Seen in the rainforest at Rose Gums near Yungaburra.
110. Large-billed Gerygone - Chris Dahlburg put us on to these on the Daintree Boat trip.
111. Helmeted Friarbird- Seen at close quarters in the gardens of Red Mill House, Daintree.
112. Noisy Friarbird - Seen in the more open, arid habitat at Granite Gorge.
113. Blue-faced Honeyeater - Seen at Samford Golfcourse and at the entrance gate at Mareeba.
114. Macleay's Honeyeater - Noted at Licuala Lodge, Daintree, Rose Gums and suburban Cairns.
115. Bell Miner - The only bird heard but not seen, in the Samford Valley.
116. Noisy Miner - A common suburban resident around Brisbane area.
117. Lewin's Honeyeater - Seen, and heard in Samford, Mission Beach and Daintree.
118. Yellow-spotted Honeyeater - Seen at Red Mill House Daintree.
119. Graceful Honeyeater - Noted high in canopy around Licuala Lodge.
120. Bridled Honeyeater- Seen from the beach at Cape Tribulation
121. Yellow-faced Honeyeater- Noted from O'Reilley's Road, House Mountain
123. Varied Honeyeater- Seen whilst being bitten to beggery looking for Mangrove Robin around the mangrove swamps north of Cairn's
124.White-throated Honeyeater - Again seen from O'Reilly's Road, Samford area.

125. Eastern Spinebill - This distinctive honeyeater was noted at Lamington NP and Rose Gums
126. Dusky Honeyeater - Generally widespread in FNQ.
127. Logrunner - Another highlight bird, seen at O'Rielly's, Lamington and found by my wife and son!
128. Chowchilla - A dailly raucous dawn chorus at Rose Gums was accompanied by fleeting glimpses of this cousin of the previous species.
129. Eastern Whipbird - Heard regularly in FNQ rainforest, but like the previous species a swine to see!
130. Grey-crowned Babbler - A family party seen in the Outback at Mareeba.
131. Red-capped Robin - One up at House Mountain, Samford.
132. Eastern-Yellow Robin - Seen in most rain forest areas.
133. Lemon-bellied Flycatcher - Noted at Mareeba Wetlands, possibly overlooked prior to then.
134. Grey-headed Robin - One seen at Milla-milla falls on the Atherton Tablelands.
135. Pale-yellow Robin - The only one seen was at Jindalba Board Walk, on the way to Cape Tribulation.
136. Little Shrike-Thrush - Seen in the rainforests around Licuala, Mission Beach.
137. Bowers Shrike-Thrush - Seen around the grounds of Rose Gums on the Tablelands.
138. Grey-Shrike-Thrush - bird of the race harmonica seen from Mt O'Rielley Road, Samford.
139. Golden Whistler - Seen and heard same day same place as above.
140. Grey Fantail - Noted from most sites, first seen from House Mountain.
141. Rufous Fantail - First noted at Licuala Lodge, then seen in most areas of FNQ rainforest
142. Willie Wagtail - Common as muck! everywhere.
143. Leaden Flycatcher- One seen in the gardens of Red Mill House
144. Shinning Flycatcher -Several, both male and female, along The Daintree River. Also a probable male on the beach at Mission Beach.
145. Restless Flycatcher - Seen at Australia Zoo, Beerwah.
146. Yellow-breasted Boatbill - A delightful bonus at Rose Gums, great little bird!
147. Spectacled Monach - Seen in Licuala Forests and at Rose Gums.
148. Pied Monach- A bird seen along walking trails at Rose Gums.
149. Magpie Lark-Widespread in suburban areas, very un-lark like!
150. Spangled Drongo - Seen in the grounds of Red Mill House, Daintree.
151. Yellow Oriole - Bird feeding on Andrew's beloved fruit trees at Red Mill House.
152. Olive-backed Oriole -A bird seen at House Mountain, Samford
153. Australian Figbird - Adults and juveniles seen along the Daintree River.
154. Victoria's Riflebird - The only bird of paradise seen on the trip, noted at Licuala and Rose Gums.
155. Tooth-billed Bowerbird - Good veiws gained at Rose Gums.
156. Spotted Catbird - Seen at Licuala and Red Mill House, the bizarre 'crying baby' call an erie sound from the rainforest!
157. Golden Bowerbird - A female on the morning of June 2nd at Rose Gums was most unexpected and a new bird for the site.
158. Satin Bowerbird- A confiding female at Red Mill House, Daintree and a male with a female seen at Rose Gums.
159. Black-faced Cuckoo - Shrike - Several birds seen at Lake Samsonvale
160. White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike - Seen at Granite Gorge justwest of Mareeba
161. Barred Cuckoo-Shrike - Only birds noted seen in flight over Rose Gums
162. Varied Triller - Seen in the grounds of Licuala Lodge.
163. Masked Wood-Swallow - Single bird seen over the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
164. White-breasted Wood-Swallow - A flock in Mission Beach favoured the powerlines behind the Main Street.

165. Black Butcherbird - A juvenile was rather confiding at Licuala Lodge.
166 Grey Butcherbird -Noted early on first day at the Valley B&B
167. Pied Butcherbird - Seen around Samford village, especially the golfcourse.
168. Australian Magpie - Widespread and noisy, daily early morning alarm call at Samford!
169. Pied Currawong - First noted up at House Mountain, Samford.
170. Torresian Crow - Seen in Samford
171. Welcome Swallow - Seen around Samford daily.
172. Tree Martin- Seen over the Daintree River.
173. Fairy Martin - Seen in a mixed flock of Hirundines at Lake Samsonvale.
174. Australian Pipit - Noted on some cleared ground behind the Licuala Lodge.
175. Golden-headed Cisticola - Seen in the extensive grasslands at Lake Samsonvale
176. Tawny Grassbird - Seen in the rough grassland at Rose Gums
177. House Sparrow - First seen at cyclone struck Innisfail
178. Double-barred Finch - Seen around the entrance to Mareeba whilst waiting for it to open!
179. Black-throated Finch - Target bird secured in the outback around the Mareeba Wetlands.
180. Red-browed Finch - Single bird landed briefly before moving off at Rose Gums.
181. Chestnut-breasted Manakin - Seen along the access road to Rose Gums.
182. Olive-backed Sunbird - Noted at Mission Beach and in Cairns.
183. Mistletoebird- Seen at Licuala Lodge and the walking track.
184. Silvereye - Several small parties noted around Samford on several dates.
185. Metallic Starling - Seen in the evening roosting in trees in Cairns, directly behind the night market.

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